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About Us

The kindergarten comprise Nursery, LKG and UKG and age for admission is 3 years and above. The school follows 5days week schedule. We believe that Kindergarten is the stage where the foundation for a child’s future is laid and hence needed the utmost care to make this foundation strong and sturdy. A system of continuous informal evaluation is followed which evaluates students based on class work, theme based worksheets and observation session.

An assessment report highlighting the various aspects of the child’s development is submitted to the parents biannually.

The Primary and Secondary section comprises of classes from grade I to grade X. The minimum age for entry into grade I is 6yrs as of 30th April of the year in which the child is seeking admission and the age for admission to following classes increase by a year accordingly. The school timing for primary and secondary is from 8:00am to 12:30pm. The school follows 5-day week schedule. The curriculum is based on team work where the teachers are facilitators for group discussions, projects as well as hands on activities and experimentation. Promotion will be granted on the basis of the entire years performance of the student as per the CCE methodology (Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation). This is system of evaluation of students that takes a holistic approach to a student’s development.

    • Serve as an educational model that nurtures students’ intellectual, creative and distinguished potentials through commitment to their creed and nationalism.

    • Our ambition is to achieve sustainable progress in all area in which we operate and to provide innovative solution by working together with our customers, with whom we have built long lasting relationship, built on mutual trust and respect. We wish for customers to choose us and our employees to join us inspired by our drive for innovation, efficiency and social responsibility, Characteristics influence and guide our daily actions and mode of doing business. We are continuously driven by our goal of making each employee proud to be part of PRAXIS AUTOMATION SERVICES.

    • At SUNRISE PUBLIC SCHOOL, we believe your child has unique potential and hence, We have tailored our school course such that it gives your child every opportunity to explore and discover his or her own innate abilities. We call this learning process.

      It’s not about how good your child is.

      It’s about how your child is good.

      This is the driving force of SUNRISE PUBLIC SCHOOL. We lay before your child diverse pathway. Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Interpersonal and Intra personal. Your child is free to choose the path that makes it easier to understand to understand and learn to 3 things. Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic.

      One Style Does not Fit for All

      SUNRISE PUBLIC SCHOOL has a distinct advantage over other school methods. It place your unique child in the center of the learning process and does not expert your child to follow a rigid way of instructing. SUNRISE PUBLIC SCHOOL is as open as your child’s mind and as adaptable too !

      No Pressure on Your Child !

      Our assessment is more an observation, an ongoing rocess that we engage in everyday, so your child can continue learning at his or her own pace without any interruption.

  • Aims And Oblectives
    • The distinctive qualities of the Sunrise Public School, Jamshedpur are dedication to teaching and learning. Apart from academic excellence, we are here to inculcate in youngster the qualities of discipline, hard work and moral character.We wish to develop in our students a sense of responsibility towards fellow beings, the family, the society and the nation and above all the humanity as whole. We want to build a citizen who will serve the humanity rising above social, religious and prejudices. We shall strive to make the student a highly alert and motivated individual equipped to face the challenges of the modern world. We want to prepare the student for future academic study in india and abroad.