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April to March

Admission starts from 1st week of January, every year when the school reopens after X-mas holidays.

The school invites application from all regardless of caste religion and culture. There is no collective admission test. Admission is done by conducting spot test if required. Principal is authorized to take informal test to check the eligibility of a child for admission to a particular class. The decision of the principal will be final.
Minimum age for admission in Nursery is 3 years.
Fees is to be deposited monthly in advance I.e. by the 30th of every month. A fine of Rs, 20/- only will be charge after 30th of every month. Fee will be deposite in bank on all bank working days at banking time. Every student will be provided with a fee book. This book must be produced at the time of depositing fee or asked for school. Any child who has any outstanding dues at the time of examination/test will not be allowed to appear for the examination. Fee once paid will not refunded.
After 90 days of non- payment of fees name of the student will be struck of the rolls. Readmission may be allowed with a fine of 200/- only(with the discretion of management )
The intended withdrawal of a pupil should be made know to the principal one month in advance. If a child has not attended the school for 30 consecutive days without information to the principal, it will be presumed that the student has left the school and his/her name will be struck off the rolls.
Transfer certificate will be issued from the office of the principal on payment of a fee of Rs. 300/- only. An application for the same must be submitted to the office at least a week in advance. No certificate is possible on the day of application itself.
All certificates, testimonials etc. will be issued only on production of no dues slip from the account office of the school.