Teachers are Mothers too !

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Our Director Says...

Teachers are Mothers too !

Every Child is precious to us. So we promise to shower our love and affection to each one of them as the school is second home of a child so we nurture them as a mother.

Here lies the keystone of SUNRISE PUBLIC SCHOOL. We strive to provide them with a caring and enriching environment where they can learn and discover their unique potential they were born with.

We take great care to give them the space to learn at their own pace and we keep their learning experiences relevant to & respectuful of their cultural & familiar background.

Dear Parents,

Are you looking for your child’s admission in a good school ?

The task of choosing the right school for your child is the most significant decision which you happen to make. So if you are looking for a priceless education, your child’s inner growth and holistic development, visit the first of its kind “SUNRISE PUBLIC SCHOOL” (Complete English Medium).

To be successful in this global world we need to train our children for global race but not at the cost of distancing them from faith, belief and identity. SUNRISE PUBLIC SCHOOL is such an institution which has blended CBSE syllabus and Islamic education making entire learning process meaningful.

Dr. Shah Hasan Usmani


We leave no stone unturned in growing your unique child.